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The harm of smoking

The fact that smoking is very harmful, they know all the adults and children.But what exactly threatens the smoker to tobacco smoke, perhaps, know one.Most smokers, describing the harm of cigarettes, calls them a negative effect on the lungs.But this is only a hundredth of that pernicious influence that produce cigarettes for the entire body.So, we learn about the composition of cigarettes and how they change the specific organs.

most dangerous contents of cigarettes are tar.These are dangerous chemicals that affect the body as a whole.When a smoker draws on, the smoke gets in your mouth in the form of a concentrated aerosol.Cooled, the resin turns into smoke, that leaves a residue in the airways.This resin to cause cancer and other lung diseases.Resins inhibit natural cleansing processes, paralyzing their lungs.Nicotine gum damage the air sacs and reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.

carbon monoxide in cigarette composition - is a colorless gas contained in high concentrations in cigarette s

moke.It combines with hemoglobin is much better than oxygen, and so it displaces oxygen.This adversely affects the tissues of the body, in particular on the heart muscle is not able to operate at full capacity because of the oxygen deficiency.To compensate for this deficiency, the heart and lungs work harder.This in turn causes problems with the circulation.

Carbon monoxide is also a constituent part of harmful cigarettes.It damages the artery wall and thereby increases coronary vasoconstriction.Such a restriction is the cause of heart attacks.

hydrogen cyanide as a component of cigarette lung damage cleaning system, which leads to an accumulation of toxins in the lung.

Radiation components in cigarettes - is polonium-210 and potassium-40, thorium and radium.Any radioactive components are potent carcinogens, and these substances cause cancer.

damage, which brings the body to make up a cigarette, it is aging and diseases of all organs and systems of the body:

smoking women also characterized by an early onset of menopause.This usually happens at 5 years earlier than non-smoking women.

Since nicotine affects on the reproductive system of women.

So this highlights the negative impact of cigarettes on the body.If we compare the health of the smoker and non-smoker, then the latter is much more difficult to pass colds, convalescence after operations and injuries.Smokers have much less memory and thinking ability.

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