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Allowable rate of alcohol in the blood

Alcohol not only makes people dependent, it also leads to many tragedies completely innocent people who become victims of drunk drivers.Uncontrolled and irresponsible man after drinking alcohol at the wheel - is a crime.To prevent the tragedies that occur caused by drunk drivers, designed to legislative restrictions on alcohol in the blood standards.Learn more about this and compare the norm around the world.

degree intoxicated person determined by the percentage of alcohol in his blood.In non-drinking men or women, the figure is zero.But life is not always so.Indeed, sometimes the error alcotester (instruments for measuring human blood alcohol), and receive individual drugs can show the presence of alcohol in humans, it is not used.To avoid such nonsense in the legislation of many countries there is a non-zero rate of alcohol permitted.Her face drivers exceeding substantial fines and deprivation of a driver's license.

Earlier in the Russian Federation recognized the man sober when the blood alcohol co

ncentration did not exceed 0.3 ppm.Later this rule was canceled, it became zero.But over time it became clear that the zero rate does not take into account some of the nuances.For example, the offender may be absolutely sober driver.The problem lay in the error alcotester and use of drugs by drivers.Even drugs for colds have shown the presence of a minimum dose of alcohol in the blood of people.This might not know, and the drivers themselves.It turns out that they are without fault became guilty.And the law changed again.

actions marginal rate of alcohol in the blood is an indicator of 0.16 mg of ethyl alcohol per 1 liter of exhaled air.This corresponds to the old rate of 0.3 ppm.Such a rule is valid in Russia since 2013, in September.Together with the introduction of this provision has been tightened penalties for exceeding the norm of alcohol in the blood for drivers.They act now.

But after the introduction of innovations in scientific research institute of Russian Ministry of Health Addiction once stated: "This norm - not an indulgence for the driver."Scientists believe that it is impossible to raise the question of how much you can drink a driver to safely get behind the wheel and not be punished.After all, you should not drink before driving a vehicle!Even a glass of beer can reduce the care, weaken eyesight and speed of reaction of the driver.And it is fraught with trouble for other people on the road.

It should be noted that different countries have different standards acceptable alcohol in the blood of drivers.For example, in Ukraine it is 0.2 ppm.For violation of this rule provides human heavy fines, which have repeatedly raised.Also, drunk driving deny driver's licenses, administered by the court correctional work.

In Georgia, Pakistan, Japan permissible blood alcohol rate of zero.And here in the Cayman Islands - 1 ppm.In some states, Canada and the United States, Mexico and Norway can safely get behind the wheel at the level of 0.8 per mille of alcohol.In South Korea, this rate is 0.5 per thousand, and it exceeded the driver faces deprivation of rights for a period up to 100 days.If a driver is in the same country breathalyzer showed a 1 per mille of alcohol in the blood, then he loses the right to life.

For a healthy person is considered to be a lethal dose of alcohol in the blood of 4.0 ppm.Already 0.5-1.5 is considered a mild form of intoxication.The average degree - is 1.5 to 2 ppm.Strong - up to 3, and severe intoxication - a Breathalyzer figures from 3 to 5 ppm.

To eliminate the temptation need to know that 0.5 liters of beer or 40 grams of vodka or a glass of dry wine that drinks a man weighing 80 kg, yield 0.5 per mille blood alcohol.This dose is reduced to 0.3 per mille (weathered) for longer than an hour.The figure of 0.3 ppm can give breathalyzer immediately after drinking a few sips of beer.The same figure can give the unit and after the use of korvalola.It's heart medicine to make alcohol, which should take into account the people behind the wheel.The figure of 0.1 ppm, and can give an ordinary yogurt.Please note!