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How to quit smoking

this question every smoker is given daily.Almost all try and manage to say goodbye to cigarette smoke units.What you need to know to farewell tobacco has been successful?What are the techniques and methods used?

heavy smokers are not immediately apparent.Dependence occurs gradually in stages:

This stage lasts until death, and the dose will vary depending on the condition of the body.

When a person is delayed, cigarette nicotine molecules reach the brain.It is a few seconds of time.Acting on brain receptors, nicotine stimulates the production of dopamine - a hormone that causes euphoria.Besides dopamine, smoking contributes to the release of other substances, causing a short-term euphoria, joy.Because it is short-term, even addictive.Over time, this joy of man is not enough, and he smokes again.

Scientific studies have shown that people who quit smoking a month later are depressed, under stress.Remove it can be the same smoking.That's why so hard to quit.Get yourself into the hands of their own, do n

ot fall into depression seriously.

Many people are looking forward to the transition from cigarettes to their lightweight option, or electronic cigarettes.Others resort to more severe methods of getting rid of nicotine addiction, because they themselves can not cope with this.

first and main reason for the rejection of cigarettes - the damage they cause to our health:

Nowadays, there are many ways to quit smoking.What are the main ones:

So, quit smoking is very difficult, but it is possible.It is a worthy act, which can make a strong man.Try and win yourself!

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