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Hookah : hazardous or not

Hookah smoking in today's society has become a fashionable pastime.Almost every club and pub offers it for relatively little money.People who indulge in such "entertainment" as a rule, are convinced that this relatively harmless fun.But is it really?Find the answer to this question in today try our publication.

Let's start with the fact that this exotic way of spending time, many young people choose.Some of them believe that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, others like the process itself lyrically romantic aura around the hookah smoking.Moreover, the cheating and the inscription on the packaging of tobacco for hookah absence of nicotine.Therefore, try a tube with fragrant smoke do not abandon even those people who do not smoke cigarettes.So what is the difference between the water pipe and a cigarette?Let's try to figure it out.

Let's start with the fact that hookah smoking - it is primarily smoking.Therefore, the statement that the hookah is safe, very wrong.Judge for yourself: a smoker smo

kes a cigarette, nicotine to satisfy your "hunger".During smoking, nicotine cigarettes saturation is reached in about 5-10 minutes, because during this time in the light falls to half a liter of smoke.Hookah smoking takes about thirty minutes to one and a half hours, so the lungs of the smoker takes a much greater volume of smoke.This smoke is not cleaned from harmful substances and impurities completely, even taking into account that the construction (bulb with tubing) includes the passage of smoke and tobacco through a water filter.

smoke that passes through a water filter still contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, heavy metals and salts.Furthermore, nicotine also remains in the smoke, so the one hour session of hookah smoking gets as much nicotine as contained in 5 packs of cigarettes.Agree, the figure is quite impressive and dangerous to health.

is important to note also is the fact that hookah smoking is, as a rule, takes place indoors, so the exhaled carbon monoxide and smoke accumulates, resulting in a state of hypoxia occur (lack of oxygen).All this leads to intoxication, which is very harmful for health.

important factor related to the harm of hookah smoking is that many young people are added to the device instead of water wine.These experiments lead to the formation of nicotine addiction.If marijuana added instead of tobacco (which is not uncommon), it also leads to addiction.

those people who are addicted to smoking hookah, it is important to know that this "fun" increases the risk of contracting tuberculosis, hepatitis B and other infections ranging from flu to mycoplasma.

fairness, we note that even a non-smoker person, being in a smoky environment among hookah smokers, becomes a hostage of passive smoking, which is also very bad for your health.Not to mention the fact that the risk of lung cancer with this method of inhaling the smoke has not been canceled.Medical research aimed at comparing the smokers of cigarettes and hookahs, have confirmed that the risk of lung cancer in both groups the same.

Summing up our discussion today, we can conclude that smoking a hookah - a very harmful activity that brings our body irreparable harm.Therefore, even the occasional hobby so smoking can cause addiction.After trying a hookah once or twice, many already can not relax without smoking.Moreover, every time I want to try new tastes and flavors, and it leads to permanent dependency.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you a bright and positive impressions without hookah smoking.

Take care of yourself!